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Bringing clarity to complex problems & reimagining tomorrow’s everyday experiences.

Member Bio

We’re a creative strategy agency with a mission to make the everyday extraordinary, for everyone.

We care about the ordinary products and services that are woven into everyday routines and patterns.

Who are we? A strategist that understands design and a designer that thinks strategically: we decipher the way ahead and then demonstrate it.

Key People

Kelly Dawson : Strategy Partner

Motivated by the role that ordinary products can have in everyday lives. Formerly Head of Strategy, Insight & Innovation at KD, working on visionary, strategic and tactical projects. Previously a Design Partner at Unilever working on circular economy packaging challenges and long-term horizons, considering the implications of global forces such as water shortage, urbanisation, and technology growth.

Niall McRiner : Design Partner

Motivated to address how many people are excluded from everyday products & services, by balancing functional excellence, emotional resonance and societal relevance. Formerly Head of Design at KD, working on challenges in need of macro-level strategy, through to crafted design details and everything in-between. Previously a 3D Design Director at Echo Brand Design, ensuring brands delivered purposeful, insightful and responsible consumer experiences.

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