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Bright ideas. Over & Over. Creating a competitive edge for businesses and brands the world over through branding, design and creative content. That's Sparkloop in a nutshell.

Member Bio

A creative agency delivering branding, print, digital and video projects for businesses and brands the world over.

​Established in 2004, the agency still retains its two founding clients – Red Bull and The Prince’s Trust. Key to this continuing success is our collaborative approach, and ability to constantly challenge our clients – and ourselves.


We apply our bright ideas to a broad range of projects including Branding, Digital, Print and Video


No matter where you and your business are at, we have the bright ideas to ignite your brand and users.

Our clients aren’t defined by size or sector but what they do all have in common is the way we work collaboratively with them to convert bright ideas into tangible results.

Key People

Gayle Carpenter