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I'm a 21 y/o multimedia generalist from Luzern, Switzerland who's lived in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and now the UK. A passionate producer, writer and digital media journalist I'm now looking to the professional world.

Member Bio

Born in Luzern Switzerland in June of 2000, I have traveled around Europe for my entire life, never quite settling in to one place. English is my mother tongue but I am fluent at a professional level in German.

I’ve been fascinated by the world of digital media from an early age, first getting my hands on editing software when I was 15 years old. Six years later and I have now produced 3 solo documentaries/video essays. My most recent documentary was produced in partnership with the University of Bristol as part of their ‘Practice Based Dissertation’ module, an alternative to a standard text based dissertation, and attained a First, securing my First Class degree classification.

Most of my professional experience has been largely in Marketing, but that does not mean that my production skills are any less developed. I have been creating videos and documentaries for years as a freelancer/hobbyist and have managed to meld the two disciplines to make my productions as compelling as possible to as many people as possible.