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REALITYHOUSE. Creating brands, websites and campaigns that persuade people to buy what you're selling. We're the gherkin on your Big Mac.

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1. So what is realityhouse?

A small Bath-based studio that creates brands, websites, campaigns and other stuff that’s designed to persuade people to buy what you sell.

2. How the hell do you do that?

We create moments people remember.

3. But how do you do that?

We work hard.

6. You say you’re a small agency – should I be worried?

People are often worried by small things, so concern is understandable. However, being small means we can pick and choose the projects we want to work on and you get everyone working on your project. It’s the perfect partnership – like Hall & Oates.

7. How much is a website project?

How much is a divorce? Actually, I’m getting a bit bored now – here’s a link to our website FAQ – knock yourself out.

8. Who do I speak to about a project?

You can speak to any of us. But, a good place to start would be our MD Mike Fieldhouse.

9. How can I work for realityhouse?

If you’re interested in experiencing 100% pure middle-class Bath air on a regular basis then we post all our live vacancies on this site. Or drop us an email with your CV and/or portfolio.

BTW we don’t use recruitment agencies. No, not even yours. No seriously, don’t bother.

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