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Osborne Pike is a brand and packaging design consultancy founded in 2002 by Steve Osborne and David Pike, both former Directors of Design Bridge.

Member Bio

We want to tell your consumers a story. It’s the story of why they just bought your brand, your new product, or your service, as opposed to anyone else’s.

If your brand story is a book, then packaging is its cover. It shouldn’t tell the whole story, but it must tempt, intrigue and persuade us enough to pick up, and then buy the book.

Never judge a book by its cover? Think again.”

Hello. We’re Osborne Pike, and it’s our mission to help clients build brands you can believe in. Your brand only exists if people can tell themselves a story about it. A story that includes them, getting a nice warm feeling when they see it, buy it, use it and think about buying it again. One that makes it worth a premium over competitors without such a rewarding story. Packaging is at the heart of your story. It provides standout and recognition on a crowded shelf, and tells people what they can expect inside. Not just a product but a promise, an experience and a reward. So at OP we focus on doing one thing really well: we translate consumer insights into the right design signals for your brand and its packaging. We add the vital ingredient to any good story: Belief.

Key People

Steve Osborne | Managing Director