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I’ve moved to Bristol in the past few years to further my study and career prospects, coming far from home to try and make the most of a very active, thriving creative scene within the city.

At university I’ve been discovering enjoyment in more than I expected, specifically working with sound engineering and post-production in Film / TV. Previously, I was keen to work towards a career in the Music industry, with a focus on recording and mixing – a passion I still have, however I am looking forward to broadening my horizons further.

I have spent some time in local music studios back in Kent, gaining experience not only on working in the environment, but how a typical day is organised, dealing with deadlines and working alongside clients, not just for them.

My goal over the next years is to gain valuable experience, both working within the industry alongside professionals, and also taking opportunities to watch and learn from such people, be it shadowing sessions, attending exhibitions / masterclasses and via networking.