GivePanel Ltd Business Member

GivePanel’s platform allows charities to quickly create simple but effective stewardship journeys for their Facebook fundraisers, whilst gaining enriched donor data to help build longer lasting relationships and improve fundraising performance.

Member Bio

GivePanel launched in early 2019 by Nick Burne, an experienced digital fundraising consultant. Nick’s in-depth experience of helping some of the world’s largest non-profits with their Facebook Advertising meant he was well positioned to understand both the game changing opportunity that Facebook Giving Tools presented for non-profit fundraising, as well as the clear challenges around data.

Since launch we have onboarded hundreds of non-profits in over 10 countries to the GivePanel platform and helped them to supercharge their Facebook Fundraising. Enabling them to raise a lot more from Facebook, get the data and start building relationships with all their new fundraisers.

Today GivePanel has a team of 16 spread throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Key People

Nick Burne

CEO and Founder

Simon Smart

Head of Business Operations

Simon Varley

Head of Growth