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Future Content is a features desk for businesses. Our journalists turn your website into a magazine - producing content that attracts, educates, converts and retains better, more profitable clients.

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To date we’ve written on everything from steel hardness testing to liquid waste management. If you or clients are struggling to create high quality content on a regular basis then please get in touch.

Every business has a story that deserves to be told.

Key People

Tom Sandford | Content Marketing Strategist

Every team needs a sherpa, and Tom is Future Content’s. A digital sherpa if you will. An experienced marketing strategist with an eye for innovation, Tom is also fond of table tennis. How does that help you? Well, if you get bored of talking strategy, he will play you at table tennis. If your goal is more centred on creating and building an online presence he can do that to. If you want to get to know Tom, he’s a social media floozy, spreading himself across all platforms, get in touch and say hi.

Stuart Roberts | Head of Content

Stu is the Managing Editor of Future Content and the man in charge of words. He’s writing these ones right now in third person. He manages our talented team of writers, allocating your work to the most suitable scribe to get the best, most engaging possible copy for your blog. As a former journalist for a number of publications, from Chat to MailOnline to that’s Shanghai, he has a wealth of experience, both as a writer and an editor, the perfect candidate to guide your online articles.