ForrestBrown Limited Business Member

ForrestBrown is award-winning firm of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and ex-HMRC inspectors specialising in research and development (R&D) tax credits.

Member Bio

We are friendly and plain-speaking chartered tax advisers who use the government’s R&D tax incentive to help innovative business fund their growth and disrupt their chosen market place.

R&D tax credits, a form of tax relief that rewards UK companies for investing in innovation, is all ForrestBrown do. This level of specialism means its chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and ex-HMRC inspectors have a deep understanding of the R&D tax legislation and its application to businesses throughout the UK. ForrestBrown is one of the largest teams of chartered tax advisers specialising in R&D tax credits in the UK.

ForrestBrown’s rigorous approach and robust methodology mean they have never been unsuccessful, have a far lower enquiry rate than the national average and often spot valid R&D that others have missed.

ForrestBrown pride themselves on delivering outstanding service. Their clients and partners like working with ForrestBrown because they combine technical excellence with a passion for innovation. They come back to them because they consistently deliver fantastic results. And they refer ForrestBrown to others because they trust that they will deliver the same results to companies and people in their network.

Our head office is located in Bristol and our door is always open. We offer a free consultation to companies who want to find out about more R&D tax credits. Speak to us on 0117 926 9022.