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Firehaus is a brand consultancy. We take tech businesses from early adoption to scale using brand as the catalyst. We partner with leadership teams on the journey from product to purpose. Then ignite that in their people and culture.

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Are you Ready for Brand?

Crossing the gap between early adoption and scale takes a fundamental shift. At first, you focused on your product. But to reach bigger, mainstream, audiences you have to ignite your purpose – and become a brand.

Counterintuitively, this means focussing more on your customers, less on your product features. It’s a tough switch to make. Why do you exist? What problem are you solving? How will customers position you in their lives? How will you transmit that through every facet of your culture, from your marketing to employee engagement?

We partner with leaders to resolve these questions – and more. An exciting journey that shapes and defines your narrative to ensure your tech business is Ready for Brand, ready for next-stage investors, and ready for growth.

Our core services

Brand Strategy: Ready for Brand evaluation, Customer research & segmentation, Market & competitor analysis, Stakeholder engagement & mapping, Brand positioning & strategy

Brand Idea: Brand idea & creative articulation, Brand identity, Brand data, Brand narrative

Brand Culture: Marketing CRM & data planning, Leadership & employee workshops, Training & talent mentoring, Employee engagement diagnostic, Milestone tracking & evaluation

Key People

Beth Pope

Brand Partner and Founder

Ian Bates

Creative Partner and Founder

Sarah Platt

Finance Partner and Founder

Nick Barthram

Strategy Partner and Founder

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