Fergus Longman Graduate

Member Bio

A history graduate currently working as a freelance videographer as well as a supervisor in a busy city centre pub. Whilst operating as a videographer I have primarily developed skills in editing, with proficiency in software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. When required from the client I have also operated recording equipment to shoot B-roll and interviews to further improve the video and in order to effectively convey their story to the audience. Clients have included the national charity Cranfield Trust and the Craft Distilling Expo.

Working as a supervisor has required leadership to ensure high standards of customer service whilst running shifts, the ability to calmly handle customer concerns and enquiries. It has also necessitated overseeing deliveries, cashing up and safe checking, and cellar management.

Outside of work, interests include cycling, coffee, music, photography and most notably film.