Ellie Bacon Freelance Member

Generalist designer ~ Studio support for Bristol agencies

Member Bio

Generalist designer ~ Studio support for agencies

Print + digital, ideation to artwork, branding, rollouts, campaigns, amends, studio cover

Skill set

Nearly 10 years experience in print and digital design
In-house and remote working
Designing for international brands to local icons at a range of project levels
Versatile to agency team and projects
Strong working knowledge of; Adobe Ai, Ps, Id
Knowledge of Microsoft 365, Sketch, WordPress, Mailchimp and G Suite
Intro to HTML + CSS course (Treehouse)
Use of project management tools incl. Slack, Harvest, Jira, Toggl, Trello

Mind set

I aim to be a part of your agency’s team whether for a day or extended length of time, as I thrive in a social and creative hub.

I am eager to help out and push through studio workflows to achieve all manner of designs and outcomes. I absorb a brief, apply methodical thinking, working knowledge and personal or team concepts to provide effective project delivery.

I like working on project rollouts to immerse myself in your client’s brands and working ways, alongside side this I also like to inject my own creativity into a project whether it be a small and clever little icon, or a larger concept for a project route.