Double Retail Agency Member

Designing for positive impact. Responsible design, build and installation for pioneering brands around the world.

Member Bio

Founded in 2009, Double is a design business working with international clients to design, engineer and build retail and commercial environments that express brand values within a physical space. We exist to shape the future of the design and build industry, to ensure we all thrive and grow while taking responsibility for the social and environmental impact of our work. We strive for a future where each and every newly built environment has a positive purpose at its core, where environmental impact is lowered or regenerative, and it’s very existence must create benefit beyond financial profit alone.

Our ultimate goal is to change our industry to one that chooses a circular design path for all its design and build projects. Through our design and operational processes, we aim to widen the lens through which brands, retailers and suppliers to the industry perceive the impact of the design and build process.

We are by no means perfect but we strongly believe in doing our part for our planet, our people and to use our business to affect positive change.

Key People

Polly Grinnell | Director

With 15 years’ experience working with international design and retail businesses, Polly understands both the creative and commercial aspects of the industry. As a co-owner and Director at Double, Polly sees that we continue to fulfill our vision of building a creatively stimulating and emotionally rewarding business to work with. She passionately strives to build long-lasting relationships and a highly-respected reputation for Double across the globe, leading the internal team and more specifically the client services team, to ensure we are as much a part of our clients' lives as they are of ours.

Laura Templeton-Cox | Director

Laura has been with Double since 2010, bringing with her an abundance of knowledge from managing major global accounts within the industry. Her responsibilities as a Director ensure that our business is fully compliant, sees year on year growth and meets annual profit targets. As a co-owner of the business, Laura is invested in the delivery of our shared purpose to sustain an emotionally and financially beneficial place to work.