Destination Bristol Agency Member

Destination Bristol promotes the interests and development of the visitor economy.

Member Bio

Destination Bristol’s role has developed over more than a decade from local public/private sector tourism partnership to high-profile, stakeholder-driven agency. We promote the interests and development of the visitor economy, and working in close collaboration with stakeholders to develop and enhance the city centre.

Destination Bristol has a first-class track record of delivering projects on behalf of third-party agencies and supporting the emergence of other partnerships by applying its extensive understanding of successful collaborative working, and its experience in delivering client-focussed projects. It is a company limited by guarantee and as such has no shareholders. The company is technically a local authority-controlled company, and has two members, Bristol City Council which has three directors on the Board, and Business West, which has one.

The Destination Bristol membership programme is open to businesses wishing to support the work of the company and rewards this support through a series of benefits including marketing opportunities, business support, access to business intelligence and services desgined to save money with suppliers. The membership programme is particularly suited to those operating within the tourism, hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.

Key People

John Hirst | CEO

John Hirst spent over 20 years working nationally for several major retailers. He came to Bristol in 1997, where his work focussed on the massive project to regenerate the run down shopping area of Broadmead in the heart of Bristol city centre. John became Chief Executive of Destination Bristol in 2013 and is focussed on a large number of tourism initiatives for Bristol and at the same improve the overall management of the city centre improving the quality of the overall visitor experience.