Deckchair UX Agency Member

Create better, more human digital products. If you’re a data-led membership or research organisation, we can help you. We believe in the power of UX design to solve digital problems and make a positive impact on the world.

Member Bio

Deckchair is one of the leading user experience consultancies in Bristol. Our founders Becky and Ollie have worked together on digital projects for nearly 20 years; collaborating with teams in some of the most innovative organisations in Bristol and beyond.

The digital world we now live in is amazingly still not built around the humans who experience it. User experience (UX) design is changing this, and we think we’ve played a part in this happening.

We join forces with our clients to create commercially viable and successful digital products; crafting a user experience that behaves in the way the customer wants, and which delivers the results the organisation needs.

We collaborate with our clients and partners through a proven combination of consultancy, facilitation, and training.

Key People

Becky Taylor

Becky is passionate about empowering organisations to embrace a customer and problem-first mindset. She specialises in research and training and is a director at Deckchair. Becky spends time getting under the skin of what the client wants and the user needs. She has led projects for University of Bristol, NHS and Centrepoint. She crafts actionable research and designs training and strategic processes to embed UX best practice, ensuring our clients’ projects make the impact that’s needed.

Ollie Francis

Ollie loves to solve problems and help organisations find order in the chaos. Founder of Deckchair, he has a huge amount of experience working as a UX consultant and designer for clients like The Institute of Environmental Analytics, Department of Health and Blind Veterans UK. He collaborates with clients to define customer experience strategy, designs engaging user interfaces and works with technology partners to ensure effective implementation.