Christian Tait - Creative Cadence Limited Freelance Member

I’m a freelance graphic designer, working with lone marketers and business owners in maturing businesses selling complex products or services

Member Bio

My clients are often at a crossroads, busy and overstretched, but ready to invest in the brand to take their business to the next level. Maybe they need help visualising their ideas, making a technical product human and accessible, or developing a brand with the personality that’s going to set them apart in a competitive field.

I help clients transform their brand and marketing collateral; from brand redesign to creating the on-going design assets a business needs as it grows. Business owners and marketers get the best from me when we work in partnership together. Once I’m under the skin of a business, my clients rely on my design skills and knowledge to help their marketing stay fresh and effective.

If your business could do with a shot of visual confidence, the answer is to get yourself a design partner – an experienced, intelligent pair of design hands that you can trust to get your brand looking its best while you get on with everything else. That’s where I come in. I can help you get all your marketing collateral into top gear, so you can achieve your goals more swiftly. Perhaps you’re seeking big changes – to win in new markets, find more customers, and launch new products. Or maybe you want to strengthen a growing brand, and need help telling the next chapter of your business story.

Whatever your design challenge and goals, if this sounds like you, I’d love to help.