Marketing and Merchandising Manager

TC Group

Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic Marketing and Merchandising Manager to lead our business’s dual-functional team. This role demands a professional who can craft innovative marketing strategies while expertly handling the intricacies of merchandising. As our Marketing and Merchandising Manager, you will not only inspire our team with your creativity and vision but also represent our brand with authenticity and fervour.

Main Duties:

Strategic Development: Craft, implement, and evaluate forward-thinking marketing and merchandising strategies that align with company goals.

Team Leadership: Motivate, guide, and mentor a diverse team, fostering an environment that encourages creativity, growth, and results.

Brand Representation: Uphold and magnify our brand’s voice, ensuring all marketing efforts and merchandise selections echo our values and identity.

Agency Collaboration: Liaise with external agencies and internal branding/design teams, leveraging their expertise to amplify our brand’s reach and resonance.

Market Analysis: Continually monitor market trends, competitor strategies, and customer preferences to adjust and adapt our approaches for maximum impact.

Merchandise Management: Oversee the selection, pricing, and promotion of products, ensuring alignment with marketing strategies and brand ethos.

Campaign Execution: Coordinate end-to-end campaign processes, from conceptualisation to execution, evaluating results for continual improvement.

Stakeholder Communication: Maintain open communication channels with stakeholders at all levels, from team members to top management, ensuring alignment and clarity.

Budget Management: Allocate and oversee the marketing and merchandising budgets, ensuring a good return on investment.


Required skills

Skills, experience & characteristics:

Educational Qualifications: Must be CIM qualified (level 6) or possess an equivalent qualification.

Experience: Previous experience working in or closely with agency environments or in-house branding/design teams is essential.

Creativity: A demonstrated ability to think outside the box and create compelling, innovative strategies.

Strategic Mindset: Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, with an ability to foresee market trends.

Leadership Qualities: Proven ability to lead and inspire teams, fostering collaboration and elevating team performance.

Authenticity: A genuine passion for representing our brand’s values and a dedication to communicating authentically with our audience.

Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt in a rapidly changing market and business environment.

Excellent Communication Skills: Proficiency in communicating complex ideas effectively across various platforms and to diverse audiences.

Attention to Detail: A meticulous approach to work, ensuring all projects are executed flawlessly.

Experience in B2B and B2B2C marketing