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Job Description

Shy Guys Studios are looking for an experienced Digital Art Director to join our team. We’re seeking an individual who shares our passion for crafting high quality, engaging animation and visual content.

Who are Shy Guys Studios?

We’re a UK animation studio with our roots planted firmly in Bristol and the South West. We create premium explainer videos, elearning and educational content, interactive video and graphics for factual TV. We’re a passionate team of creatives, united by the shared belief in the power of animation to engage, excite, educate, and inspire. 

We’re all about crafting cool stuff that connects with people. Call us old-school, but nothing here is off-the-shelf; everything we do is bespoke, hand-crafted and purposeful, with a high production value.

Since 2016, we’ve successfully delivered over 400 projects for over 50 happy clients across a wide range of sectors.  We’ve helped brands and organisations of all shapes and sizes to smash their goals by providing premium animated content that people actually enjoy watching. And we want to do more.

We’re a small studio right now, but we’ve got big plans and we want to make our output even better. People need engaging, meaningful content more than ever, so we’re redefining ourselves and our brand. We want to become even more relevant to the organisations who have something to add, and those who are out to make a positive impact on the world.

If we’re going to be successful, we’re going to need some awesome people on board. That’s why Shy Guys Studios are on the lookout for a digital art director who shares our vision for crafting high quality content that connects people with the ideas, knowledge and stories that help build a better tomorrow.

Our Values

Lighting Up Faces 

Crafting original content that makes people sit up, take notice and learn something new is what we live for. When someone watches one of our videos and says ‘wow’, there’s no greater feeling of satisfaction.

Valuing Creativity 

“Same shit, different day” is the exact opposite of what we’re about. Life’s too short for the same old buzzwords, boring content and one-size-fits-all templates. True creativity takes time, hard work, innovation, kindness, care, and a little bit of magic.

Measure twice, cut once

It’s not just what we do, it’s the way we do it. We are constantly thinking about the how, alongside the what and why, to ensure our time is spent on the things that really matter.

Own it 

Whether you’re killing it, or you’ve cocked up; own it. Nobody’s perfect, but the important thing is that everyone takes responsibility and ownership over what they do.

Positive Change 

We want to be good for people, good for the planet, and be generally decent human beings. 

Super Service

Reliable, friendly and open communication is the cornerstone of everything we do. We’re often taking our clients down an unknown path with a few twists and turns, so we never leave anyone in the dark.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Great things happen when great people work together effectively. Leave your ego at the door, trust in the expertise of others, ask questions, help those around you and constantly strive to make us all better than we were yesterday.

The Role

As a Digital Art Director, you will be responsible for the visual development and creative direction of animation projects. From concept to delivery, you’ll work with the creative team to produce inspiring work that helps achieve the project’s goals and leaves a lasting impression with viewers.

You should be able to take ownership of the visual direction for each project, from end to end. This starts with a strong sense of story, a creative imagination, a high level of illustration and design skills, and the knowledge to justify your creative decisions theoretically.

As well as being able to communicate your own thoughts and ideas clearly and coherently, you will also be expected to show strong leadership and management skills, with a high level of attention to detail. As each project progresses, you will be providing designers and animators with constructive feedback. You should be able to balance supporting the creative team, whilst simultaneously ensuring that all design work and animation meets the expectations laid out in each brief.

You should be comfortable playing a flexible and varied role, and be happy fulfilling a wide range of tasks. For instance, your role may involve;

You will be dealing with clients on a regular basis, so good interpersonal skills and a caring, helpful and generous nature is desirable. You should enjoy the process of helping others to realise their vision, and be able to empathise with and understand client feedback and ideas.

As a team, we understand the importance of continuous learning and development, and there will always be opportunities for you to develop yourself professionally and creatively. Alongside this, you will be expected to have a keen interest in and be up to date with current design styles, trends, and what’s going on in the creative sector. Just like everyone else on the team, you should be continuously challenging yourself to improve your output and widen your skillset.

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