General Manager

Noble Digital Performance

Job Description

To free our Managing Partner up to continue our own growth path, we need the perfect GM to act as our quarterback. Finance, operations, culture, workflow, pastoral care, strategy, technology, best practice, relationship building – it’s all in the job description. You’ll need to be a brilliant all-rounder.

We have a business plan that is focused on growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and most importantly agency culture and employee experience. This role is to achieve success in all those areas from an internal perspective. You will be central to this success, by adopting the Noble values and principles of operation, as well as bringing your own style and ways of working to the table.

Required skills

You’ll most definitely have a track record in a digital, creative or tech environment in a senior management or operations role. Positive by nature, but exacting, you’ll know how to manage people and workflows at pace and sometimes in a deadline pressured environment. You’ll also know your way around a P&L and will have great commercial acumen to ensure our business objectives are met on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Above all of that, you’ll be a great people person, can communicate easily with staff, clients and partners and present our agency brand with confidence, clarity and maturity.

The expectation is to continually deliver success. Our sales and marketing engine will deliver the client opportunities – this role will turn those opportunities into success for our clients, and commercial success for our business.

To support you, you will be surrounded by a team of committed, enthusiastic and capable practitioners. Digital marketing strategists, account managers, web technology professionals all supported by an experienced UK and US Board. Delivering will be down to your capability, ambition and energy.


As you’d expect, for such a big role, we’re offering a healthy package with incredible career opportunities.