Digital Marketeer


Job Description

Job: Digital Marketeer with experience
Hours: Part-time est 25/wk, hours to fit candidate
Remuneration: Depending on experience, show us your value
Location: Studio based, but flexible

We need an experienced marketeer to play a vital role in Bopgun’s growth and success by promoting and affirming our services, strengthening our brand presence, and attracting and retaining clients.

Maybe you’re returning from a career break or just looking to get your teeth into something different.

Some of the specifics about what you’ll be doing:

  1. Developing Bopgun’s Marketing Strategy – Creating our strategy to promote our services. Including identifying target markets and devising ways to reach potential clients
  2. Content Creation – Producing content for various marketing channels, including our website, social media, blogs, and email newsletters. Content can include case studies, articles, videos, and graphics that showcase our expertise and work.
  3. Digital Marketing – Managing website SEO to increase visibility and generate leads. (Bopgun and client)
  4. Client Acquisition – Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, which may involve networking, attending industry events, and reaching out to potential clients.
  5. Client Retention – Maintaining strong relationships with existing clients to encourage repeat business and referrals.
  6. Marketing Research – Keeping up to date with industry trends and competitor activity
  7. Analytics and Reporting – Setting and managing KPIs for marketing activities
  8. Collaboration with Creative Team – Ability to collaborate and ensure that materials and strategies align with our principles and brand identity
  9. Public Relations – Building and maintaining relationships with media and managing pr activity such as press releases

Required skills

We’ve got plenty of creative firepower within the studio, we just need someone to harness it and tell the world how great we are!

We’d love it if you’ve worked in an agency before, but maybe you’ve been client side – either way, we’ve all had life experience and how you think is more important in this role.

You will be working on us as an agency, and with existing client relationships and understanding value we can create and bring to their activity.