Design Activity get their teeth into 95yr old Childrens Brand

27th October 2020

Award-winning packaging design agency Design Activity has drawn inspiration from children’s illustrated books for its latest project – re-designing traditional teething brand Bickiepegs.

Bickiepegs teething biscuits have been used by five generations of parents, and since their creation in 1925 are still true to their UK heritage, using all-natural ingredients and handcrafting the teething biscuits in a purpose-built bakery in Scotland.

While the ethos behind this heritage is a core part of the brand story, the current owners, Chris and Alex Blincoe recognised that the baby category has changed considerably over the past few years, and their brand and packaging design, having changed very little since 1925, wasn’t doing the brand justice.

“We knew the time was right to modernise Bickiepegs” Chris Blincoe explained “but we just didn’t know how far we wanted to go.”

“Our teething biscuits are unique in the market. They are a teething product but are food based and so we were finding them stocked sometimes with other Teething products and sometimes with Snacks. The packaging design was starting to look a bit clinical and serious compared to newer brands in the market and we knew both these factors could mean our products were being overlooked by parents.”

Chris continues: “Our brand has a real heritage of trust in the teething category, and with future new products in mind to meet our consumer’s needs we knew we needed a look and feel for the brand that could stretch across multiple products, future-proofing us and helping build our brand.”

Design Activity’s Design Director Rikki Payne explains the inspiration behind the design: “Understanding that parents shop for their babys based on emotion, it was paramount to connect with them on an emotional level. Bickiepegs was more than a product name it was a brand to believe in, and so we created the ‘Wonderful World of Bickiepegs’ a fantastic child friendly place of animal wonder. Inspired by childrens story books, it evokes the emotive connection between parent and baby – ‘oh isn’t that cute they’d love that’.”

Chris adds “From the first concepts to the finished packaging, very little about the design has changed, and we love it! Feedback from the trade has been really positive and we’re very excited to launch our new ‘World of Bickiepegs’!”


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