Welcome to the Bristol Creative Industries’ network (formerly Bristol Media). Great ideas need company, so join us to make connections, raise your profile and get the work you want.

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What we do

We support the creative sector to learn, grow and connect, driven by the common belief that we can achieve more collectively than alone.

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Connecting Bristol’s creative sector

We forge collaborations – bringing together a community of like-minded creative businesses to promote opportunities and support sector growth.

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Business growth & opportunities

We support Bristol creatives – providing a digital platform to recruit talent, raise the profile of our members and showcase excellence.

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Events & skills development

We encourage learning through our programme of keynote talks, portfolio review nights, community initiatives and skills workshops.

How to use Clubhouse to build your business profile


>by Bristol Creative Industries


How to use Clubhouse to build your business profile
5 top tips for engagement on LinkedIn

5 top tips for engagement on LinkedIn

Why you shouldn't care about conversion rate

Why you shouldn’t care about conversion rate

Six is truly proud to have signed the Tech Talent Charter

Six is truly proud to have signed the Tech Talent Charter

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Why people DO buy from clowns; a Keynote with Paul Feldwick

28th Apr 2021




    • 20th
    • Apr 2021

    How to build an awesome agency team; a workshop with Janusz Stabik Group Created with Sketch.




    BCI Workshop

    Running and growing agency depends entirely on recruiting and retaining good people who do great work. You work hard to attract great employees, you want the best! But what does the “best” really mean?  Good cultural fit?  Good at their job?  Experienced?  Passionate about their work?  All of this?

    • 23rd
    • Apr 2021

    Smart Cookies; How to be seen as an expert Group Created with Sketch.





    In this Smart Cookies session, Rin Hamburgh, founder of copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co, will be looking at the 7 types of content industry experts create and share to build their business reputation, and answering your questions about how to be seen as an expert.

    • 26th
    • Apr 2021

    The LinkedIn Masterclass Group Created with Sketch.





    Whether it’s your personal brand or your business, LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool to raise awareness, grow your audience and ultimately drive leads. This hour-long masterclass will cover a full spectrum from some brilliant basics to detailed strategies that will help you navigate LinkedIn’s algorithm and supercharge your social presence.

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“Not only is membership a great medium for attracting new talent but it acts as an invaluable professional development resource for our team through the many varied events and seminars. The creative community in Bristol wouldn’t be the same without it.”

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